Prepare Excel Profile Data for Import into MC Trade

  1. Go to Admin > Import Profile Data from Excel.
  2. Click Download Excel File Template. Click OK/Open to launch the file.
  3. Use the file that opens as a template for your data. You can copy/paste into the existing columns in the file, and save it as a new, local file.
  4. In columns AH and AI, you'll see headers for AffCode1 and AffCode2. If you will not be importing affiliation code data, you can leave these columns blank. If you are importing more than 2 affiliation codes per profile, you can create additional column headers titled "AffCode3", "AffCode4" etc. 
    *Note that all values in the Affiliation Code column must already have an exact match to an Affiliation Code already in your database, or the file will not be valid.
  5. Go to File > Save As.  When the Save As box appears, at the bottom you will see a drop down for Save As Type.  Set the file type to .xlsx or "Excel Workbook" (Excel 2007 and later). Click Save.

  6. Close the spreadsheet. It is now ready for importing.


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