How To Import Your Prepared Profile Data Into Atlas

How do I import my prepared Excel spreadsheet into Atlas?

Atlas allows you to import Profile data for organizations and their main contact people from a Microsoft Excel file. Note: Make sure you have properly prepared your data before importing into Atlas.

To ensure that your data is properly set up for import, please refer to these two articles:

Profile Data That Can Be Imported Into Atlas

Prepare Excel Profile Data for Import into Atlas


1. Once your spreadsheet for import is prepared and saved, go to Admin > Import Profile Data From Excel.

2. Go to the Excel Import File Path box and click the '...' button. This will take you to the Windows Explorer box and there you will navigate to where you saved your Excel file.      

3. Select the file and click Open.
4. Review the column name fields on the screen if needed to ensure that your column names match exactly. If you are using the Excel File Template downloaded from the Import screen and have not modified the columns, no changes should be needed on these fields.
5. Decide if you want to flag imported profiles as members, prospects or neither and click the appropriate option in the Member/Prospect dropdown field. Note: Since you can only identify the Profiles as Member, Prospect or neither, and not a combination of these, make sure you are only importing like groups at one time. 

6. Check the box for "Add Individual Profiles as Main Contact of Related Organization" if appropriate.

7. If you are setting a Member or Prospect status and want it to be applied to the Individuals and not Organizations, check the box for "Individual Profile is the Member/Prospect".

8. Set the Profile Relation Types you would like to set for the relationship between the Organization and Individuals.  Usually Employer is set in the top box. 

9. If importing affiliation codes, check the box for "Import Affiliation Code Value from Excel File".

A note about importing affiliation codes: they can be applied to just organizations, just individuals, or both. 

  • If "Individual Profile is the Member/Prospect" is NOT checked, then the affiliation will only be added to Organization profiles.
  • If "Individual Profile is the Member/Prospect" IS checked, then the affiliation can be added to BOTH Organization AND Individual Profiles.
  • If you want the Affiliation Code to be added only to the Individual Profile then you must ensure ONLY individual information is in the row where you add the Affiliation Code(s), and then check the option for "Individual Profile is the Member/Prospect". Note: this will NOT actually make then a member.

10. Once you are satisfied you have all the fields and options mapped correctly, click the second tab at the top, Data to Import.

11. Click "Step 1: Validate and Check for Duplicates" to begin the duplicate check process. 

12. Review and process any duplicates. The system will do a duplicate check and allow you to either remove the duplicate from your spreadsheet, overwrite the existing profile, or to go ahead and create a duplicate record. This article includes detailed steps and options for the duplicate check process:

Import Tool Duplicate Checker

13. If you are satisfied with the data, then click the Import Data button.  NOTE: This cannot be undone! Once the profiles are imported, they can only be deleted manually, one at a time.
Best practice: If using new import settings, you can do a test import with just one or two rows to ensure that your import works as you need it to. Since there is not an "undo" option for imports, this is a great test to run before importing a large batch for the first time.


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