How to Change Invoice Due Dates

Changing Invoice Due Dates

How can I update the due dates on multiple invoices at once?

MC Trade allows you to change the Date Due on multiple invoices at one time. 
1. Open the Invoice Selector (Click Revenue > Invoice Selector).
2. Select the Invoices you wish by change the Date Due.
3. With those invoices highlighted, right click in the data grid and choose Update Invoice Date Due For Selected Invoices. 
4. A date selector will appear prompting for the new date.  Change the date to the new Invoice Date Due and click Update.
5. A window will appear confirming the update.  Click OK.

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  • This does not work, it says that you cannot change the due date of a posted invoice. So if your invoices is not posted, this might be the answer.

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  • I'm having the same experience. This does not work.

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