Create a New Pledge Campaign

You can use Atlas's Pledge module to manage your fundraising campaigns, allowing you to track pledges by level, bill annually based on pledge years, and report on pledge revenue separately.

To begin, set up your Pledge Campaign codes.

Once your codes are set up for your Pledge Campaign, you can create the specific campaign itself:

  1. Go to Revenue > Create a New Pledge Campaign.
  2. Enter the Pledge Campaign Name.
  3. Choose a Campaign Type.
  4. Set the Start Date and End Date for the Campaign.  It may span several years – this is simply informational for you to know how long the campaign runs.
  5. Enter a dollar amount for your Campaign Goal.
  6. Enter the current Campaign Year (you can change this as the campaign progresses).
  7. Enter a description of the campaign.
  8. Click Save at the bottom.
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  • I am trying to figure out how to use or what a pledge campaign is. I don't see a video giving an overview. I want to track sponsorships or maybe use it for selling Guidebook ads but have no way of figuring out if this will work or not. Can someone maybe phone to speak with me 508.279-6000 11 I tried phoning a couple of times.

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  • I'm quite interested in the response to Paula's question as there seems to be no elaboration as to how to actually facilitate such pledges via ones website and no mechanism within the form builder to collect pledges. Are we missing something? - Thanks

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  • Can you create one invoice for a pledge and split the revenue between member dues and the pledge? Is there a way to designate the revenue type as both a due-type and a pledge type?

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